Production Team

Worth of Souls 


Founder / Producer / Keys / Songwriter

The Worth of Souls is the title of the band's debut album, which features a variety of guest artists. The Worth of Souls Project and Worth of Souls band was founded by Paul Cardall, who has released three (3) consecutive No 1 Billboard albums. He is also a Steinway & Sons sponsored pianist and lay minister. He founded Stone Angel Music, one of the top-selling and highest streaming instrumental labels in the world.



Producer / Engineer / Guitars / Keys / Vocalist

Stone Angel Music head engineer and co-producer of The Worth of Souls. Trevor has produced and engineered a variety of award winning and billboard charting artists. His original music and songs are featured in award winning PBS documentaries and independent films. He is also the owner of "The Lounge Recording Studio" in Salt Lake City, Utah



Bass / Guitars / Mastering

Ryan Tilby is a multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer known for his broad palette of sounds and styles. Tilby is a Utah state champion on banjo, guitar and mandolin as well as a winner of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival band competition. He has performed at Telluride, Merlefest, FanFest, RockyGrass, toured through Europe twice, and at hundreds of festivals across the United States.  His music has been featured on Duck Dynasty, the Discover Channel and on Outdoor Photo Adventures. Most recently, his projects include a solo album called Sacred Guitar and live touring with Ryan Shupe & the RubberBand.  Ryan is also an in-demand studio musician for clients around the world through Remote Sessions.



Drummer / Percussion

R.K. Topper has played drums on countless award winning albums. He is part of The Rock Experience ministry lead by Pastor Steele Croswhite, which is an independent movement of music working as a collaboration of musicians who are dedicated to writing, recording and performing relevant Christ-centered music without compromise.


Emily Bea 

Guest Artists featured on The Worth of Souls

(album available April 27, 2018)


Emily Bea

Emily Bea is an indie/pop, singer-songwriter from Salt Lake City, Utah. She has headlined concerts, big and small, at various venues around Utah – The Depot, The Velour, Gezzo Hall, Sandy 4th of July Celebration, The Utah State Fair, etc. Emily has also had the opportunity to perform at numerous corporate events both locally and throughout the country, including several times in Las Vegas, Nevada, sharing the stage with acts like, Danny Gokey, JT Hodges, Tyrone Wells, Jason Castro, etc. at the Hard Rock Hotel. One of her favorite shows was opening for two-member musical group, “A Great Big World,” in 2012. Emily has independently recorded and released two albums, "Love A Fair," (2012) and "Bench for Two," (2014) both available on iTunes/Spotify/Amazon, etc. Emily most recently released her newest single titled, "Scorpio," in June of 2016, which will also be part of her upcoming album.

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Paul Cardall 

Paul Cardall

He is a Steinway & Sons sponsored pianist who recently debuted for the third consecutive time on top of the Billboard charts without any major label support or management. 

His latest album “A New Creation” debuted #1 on the Billboard New Age Chart ahead of Enya. Cardall’s album also debuted at #2 on Billboard’s Classical album chart just short of Youtube mega-star Lindsey Stirling. In addition, “A New Creation” debuted #1 on Amazon and iTunes ahead of Sony Masterworks artists Lang Lang and The Piano Guys. 

The release “A New Creation” comes shortly after Cardall has garnered more than 1.5 billion—that’s billion with a “b”—streams worldwide for his beautiful, healing music. According to the Next Big Sound, which provides marketing analysis for the music industry, Cardall is classified as an Epic artist like Taylor Swift because of how well his music performs on Pandora Radio. On Pandora radio alone, Cardall averages 25 million listeners monthly. 

Paul continues to build a loyal – and ever growing – audience around the world through several social media channels. From Cairo to Chicago, Sydney to Madrid, Paul’s fans are diverse and live in more than 100 nations. He has performed his music as a soloist and with orchestras and choirs in sold out venues throughout the United States, London, Slovenia, and Croatia. 

“Paul Cardall is one of the most accomplished and discriminating artists in the world,” notes Steinway Artist Manager Jenn Gordon, referring to Cardall’s inclusion on the Steinway artist roster of the greatest pianists in the world, including names such as Irving Berlin and Sergei Rachmaninoff. “His commitment to excellence in his artistic and professional achievements make it most appropriate that he is included on the Steinway Artist Roster.” 

In addition to his recording career, Paul founded Stone Angel Music in 1999, which is an independent, award-winning record label and premiere recording studio in Salt Lake City, Utah. The label has released and charted multiple artists on Billboard, including cellist Stephen Sharp Nelson (now of The Piano Guys), #2 Billboard-charting pianist Jason Lyle Black, guitarist Ryan Tilby, composer Shane Mickelsen, Ryan Stewart, and Camille Nelson. Stone Angel Music albums are distributed by Deseret Book Distributors, CDBaby, and Alliance Entertainment. 

In 2011, Utah State Board of Regents awarded Paul with an honorary doctorate because of his community service. As a former executive board member of the Saving tiny Hearts Society 501(c)3, Paul actively promotes congenital heart disease medical research. He keynotes medical conferences all over the world sharing his personal experience surviving congenital heart disease. Shortly after receiving a heart transplant in 2009, Paul established an endowment at Salt Lake Community College that awards annual scholarships for students affected by congenital heart disease. 

In addition to volunteer service related to healing hearts, Paul is active in his Christian faith and speaks and performs regularly to non-denominational congregations world-wide. 

Paul is married to Tina and has two beautiful daughters.

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Ashley Hess 

Ashley Hess

Most people move to California to chase their dreams of becoming a professional musician but for Ashley Hess, it was moving away from the golden state that allowed her to find her voice. 

Six years ago she made her way to Utah. Believing dental hygiene was her future. What she didn’t know was that the thriving music scene of Provo, Utah had different plans for her. Embracing her new environment, she developed a life-altering appreciation for the passionate people that surrounded her. This appreciation quickly turned into a new dream, one that she had never thought possible. Hess will tell you that seeing people pursuing something she had such a deep-rooted love for inspired her to take a shot. With her bright, heartfelt voice and infectiously goofy personality, she enamored the YouTube audience with her unique and thoughtful cover videos. Gaining momentum, she dug deeper into her Pop R&B soul and captured the attention of national acts such as Andy Grammer, Us the Duo, T-Pain and Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons – taking the stage as their opening act. Her love of music, unique translations, and her gravitating personality are not only present but amplified when she is on stage. Hess has an incredible ability to connect with her audience. 

“A lot of things make me happy, but there is no better feeling than going through the process of creating a song, performing that song, and connecting with the people in the audience through something I created. Those are the moments I live for. Getting out there, playing my music for people and creating that connection – opportunities to be heard and felt – that’s always the goal.” says Hess.

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Justin Williams 

Justin Williams

Justin is a hybrid artist.  His versatility is shown in his style, which ranges from R & B to pop, and much more.  Justin was a contestant on Season 8 and 9 of American Idol, where his story of surviving cancer touched many around the world.  But his vocal talent is what has propelled him into stardom.  Justin has performed covers in his own unique style, but also writes originals, plays guitar and piano, and collaborates with the best in the business. 

Justin is from Sandy, Utah, and has been performing and creating music since he was 8 years old.  He was in the Cincinnati Boys Choir, Tiny Tim in “A Christmas Carol” and has only taken off from there.  Justin won the John Lennon Singer/Songwriter Competition, and toured to Tokyo, Japan.  He toured with the One Voice Children’s Choir, won the National Talent Competition at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, and has worked with many well-known artists in California. 

While serving a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Justin battled cancer.  He has not only survived, but continues to be cancer-free to this day.  He hopes that he can inspire others to pursue their dreams, no matter the challenges they face. 

Justin is releasing two albums soon.  The Undercovers, an album that is full of some of his favorite covers, will release on March 15th on iTunes.  Familiar Stranger, a hybrid album, will be released on March 29th. 

Justin recently opened for David Osmond, who also auditioned for American Idol, at the Covey Center for the Arts in Provo, Utah.  Although his fame is rising faster with each performance, Justin remains grounded and grateful for the opportunity to do what he loves.

Kenz Hall 

Kenz Hall

was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, she spent her childhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has lived in Draper, Utah for the past 11 years. She has many talents, passions, and hobbies. Kenzie loves special effects make up, traveling, to sketch, play board games, and watch horror movies and Shark Week. She describes herself in five words: Stubborn, Sassy, Driven, Introvert, and Independent. 

As a child, Kenz started out dancing. She loved being on stage and sharing her skills, but it was clear dance was not her passion. Kenz was born to sing. Kenz took every opportunity to get on stage and belt out her favorite song. When she turned ten, she began guitar lessons. Her guitar instructor called her an “quick learn and a joy to teach”, stating she was one of his favorite and most talented students. The guitar completed her package. 

Kenzie’s vocal and guitar skills finally caught the eyes of others in 2013. She won the title of “Alta Idol” and “Draper Idol”. She recorded and sold on iTunes a five song EP “Hands On”. She has shared the stage with local musicians like Foreign Figures, Ryan Innes, Midas Whale, Stuart Edge, James Dawson VIII and Ryan Shupe. She has performed at Sundance and has opened for well-known musicians like Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons, Truman, Don McLean, Aaron Carter, Reba and Joshua James. She enjoys appearing on local radio and television stations to share her music. 

Kenz became a fan favorite after auditioning with John Mayer’s “Gonna Find Another You” on American Idol Season 13. But rapping Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us” during Hollywood Week made her a household name. She made the Top 15 Girls. She describes her time on American Idol as a blessing. “Performing for Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban, and working with some of the industry’s best was a dream come true.” When asked what she took away from the experience, she said, “I learned to always trust myself. Make a decision and commit to it. Nobody knows me better than me. Listening, learning, and growing as an artist is important. But at the end of the day, I learned I was better off trusting myself” 

Her music inspirations include Adele, John Mayer, Eva Cassidy Ray Charles, and the Beatles. She enjoys singing Folk songs, Blues, and acoustically covering any song she hears. She has a unique voice with an unexpected power and hopes to one day see her name atop the Billboard charts. Kenzie Hall released her first full-length self titled album in September 2014 and had one of her original songs featured in the recently released movie Once I Was a Beehive in 2015. 

Music is where her heart is. She says being on stage is where she feels most at home… “the vibe and energy the audience gives is unmatched.” Kenz lives by the motto “STAY RAD” encouraging others to figure out who you are and then STAY that way. “No matter what the outside world demands or wants from you, always stay true to yourself and your beliefs.”

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Sierra Lauren 

Sierra Lauren

Brought up in a musical household, Sierra Lauren says she can’t remember a time when music didn’t play a big part in her life. A classically trained pianist, her music career started with piano concerts at the age of 4 when she was initiated into the Suzuki style of piano instruction. By the age of 7, she was performing in concerts at venues no less prestigious than Benaroya Hall in downtown Seattle. Rigorous training and disciplined practice earned her the opportunity at the age of 14 to perform with the Suzuki masters in Matsumoto, Japan.  Traveling across the globe at such a young age spawned a love of travel that has continued to this day. “I didn’t have time to miss home,” explains Sierra. “Between the hours of practice, the sightseeing and experiencing new things like trying Wasabi ice cream, it was just a great opportunity and an experience I’ll never forget.” 

It wasn’t until her mother encouraged her to attend a songwriting conference the following year that her life focus and creative energies shifted to becoming a singer songwriter. “It’s the creative process that I love. The act of taking a blank page and creating something new that can connect with people emotionally is a real driving force for me.” Exposed to a wide variety of music during her upbringing, Sierra’s music reflects a diversity uncommon for an artist so young. She remembers late nights belting away tunes by Nirvana and Bon Jovi while playing Rock Band with friends and family. An avid concert-goer, Sierra’s exposure to influential musicians ranging from Taylor Swift to Twenty One Pilots has had an impact on her songwriting style. 

At 16, encouraged by the positive reactions from her peers at hearing her compositions performed on her high school stage, Sierra started recording music out of her family’s basement studio. She sent demos of her first two original songs, “Nightmares” and “There’s Still Love” to several studios in the Seattle area. Her talent and potential was immediately recognized by producer Eric Lilavois of London Bridge Studio. He encouraged her to write three more songs and release an EP.  “True North” is the result of that effort. 

“These songs were written during a tough time for me,” says Sierra. “I had just gone through a breakup and I turned to songwriting to sort through the emotions I was feeling. A lot of that journey for me ended up being evident in these songs. I didn’t really set out to write a ‘how to sort through a break-up’ CD, but the music ended up telling a story. Now that it’s out there, I hope it’s helpful for other people who might be going through similar situations.” 

Sierra Lauren is currently enjoying her freshman year at Brigham Young University in Utah. She is pursuing a business degree while continuing to pursue her passion of writing music in the comfort of her college dorm.

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Charley Jenkins 

Charley Jenkins

“Born country?” Exactly!!! Charley Jenkins has country roots that run deep. He was raised on a farm in Eastern Utah where he learned how to rope, ride and work hard. Life on the Jenkins farm revolved around cows, horses and of course rodeo. Country music is all about a real cowboy’s life like Charley’s. “Country is who and what I am. It is only natural for me to sing the songs that I love and relate to.” Charley’s first album, Greatest Hours was written and produced by Charley with the help of his friend, Jordan Allen. With the success of this album and some personal advice from George Strait, Charley decided to push his career to a new level. 

In the summer of 2001 Charley loaded up his truck with everything he owned and headed off to Nashville, Tennessee. It didn’t take him long to get his foot in the door in the country music industry. Charley was soon working on Music Row for a song writing publishing company. It was here that Charley learned the “ins and outs” of the country business. He became personal friends with a number of Nashville “greats.” 

While in Nashville Charley released his second album titled, Round Here. He wanted this album to show who he is and what his music is all about. The title, Round Here was so fitting. Charley is proud of where he is from and the people who have influenced his life. It was this love that brought Charley back home in the summer of 2004 to help with the farm and to be with his family and his father who was battling cancer. “Coming home was an easy decision for me, and I will never regret it.” The Round Here album is a tribute to his father and he personally wrote the song, “Hero At Home” for him. With the overwhelming success of the Round Here album Charley recorded and released his third album in August of 2007 titled Ridin’ and his fourth in September 2009 titled Hold On. Each album reflects a true look into a country boy’s life with song titles such as “Duct Tape and Bailing Wire”, “Country Music”, “Right Where I Belong”, “Hold On” and “Rodeo Clown”. Charley is also excited to announce the release of his fourth album set to release June 2013. 

In the summer of 2008 Charley was selected out of 45,000 contestants to be one of 12 finalists to compete on Nashville Star which aired on NBC. He was also invited to be interviewed and sing on the nationwide popular Today Show in New York City. 

Top Nashville writer, Tony Martin who has written 12 number one songs such as “Third Rock from the Sun”, “Just To See You Smile”, “Living and Living Well”, and “Time Is Love” said this about Charley’s album. “I love Charley’s album, but it upset me that the song I love the most, ‘As Long As I’m With You’, is one I didn’t write; Charley did.” 

Charley’s career has been gaining tremendous momentum as he has opened for many top 20 country headliners including LeAnn Rimes, Alan Jackson, Lonestar, Montgomery Gentry, Kellie Pickler, Taylor Swift, Josh Turner and many others. Charley has sung country music for tens of thousands. He has an unusual ability to customize his show to fit the personality of any crowd. Dan Truman of Diamond Rio says this, “Charley Jenkins’. He’s great! He’s real, and he’s full of energy and passion.” That’s what Charley is all about.

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Ellee Duke 

Ellee Duke

After turning down a coveted spot on American Idol to pursue her own music and artistic freedom, Ellee began making frequent trips to Nashville.  Following high school graduation, Ellee moved to Nashville where she wrote with many gifted songwriters and recently has relocated to LA to write.  She has worked with some of the top songwriters in town including Kipp Williams, Kelsea Ballerini, Jason Reeves, Nathan Chapman, Nate Cyphert, and Rob Persaud to name a few.  Ellee opened for Rachel Platten and has toured with LeAnn Rimes. Her passion to help others runs deep especially through her involvement with Musicians on Call to help those who are sick through the power of music. Learn more:

Jim Daneker 

Jim Daneker

His work will be familiar to most even if you’ve not heard his name. As the musical director and keyboard player for Michael W. Smith, Daneker can already boast a significant platform for his talents, but his work as a composer and arranger is also very impressive. Most recently, Daneker has carved out the time to compose and release AD ALTA (buy), a project twenty years in the making. The beautiful instrumental album plays like the score to an unseen dramatic film that evokes a wide range of emotions. From the somber tones of “Letting Go” to the rapturous movement of “To The Summit,” Daneker’s vision is splendidly realized with an emotional scope that syncs well with all rhythms of life. 

Jim is currently producing Paul Cardall's upcoming 2018 Christmas album.

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