My name is Seth Adam Smith. I always write my full name because of a promise given to me when I was very young. Every time I write and publish something new I am reminded of that promise and it keeps me moving forward. 

Moving forward is a major theme of my blog because when I was twenty years old, I tried to take my life. Since then, I’ve learned some valuable, life-changing lessons about how to handle my depression and move forward. I’ve also worked on a number of projects on suicide prevention; a critical part of my mission in life is to prevent suicide. 

In 2013, I published an article called “Marriage Isn’t For You.” The article went viral. It was viewed over 40 million times, translated into over 20 languages, and published as a beautiful gift book. 

My book, Your Life Isn’t For You, details some of the lessons I learned before and after my suicide attempt. The response I’ve received from this book has been amazing and it’s currently being translated into Bulgarian, Czech, Romanian, and Russian. My first fiction book, Rip Van Winkle and the Pumpkin Lantern, is now available. Click on this link to see a full list of my published books. 

Every month, I publish Life Is Worth Living, an email newsletter dedicated to sharing inspirational material. 

If you would like to contact me about any of these things click on my picture and you'll be taken to my website.


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    Additional Motivational Videos

    The Russian Orphan 

    A few years ago, I worked at Anasazi Foundation, a wilderness therapy program for at-risk youth. For a time, I helped a young woman who was adopted from Russia. She had lived a very hard life and, as a result, she did not believe that there was any such thing as God—or that there was any such thing as goodness,…


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    How Can I Help Someone Who Is Suicidal? 

    Do you know someone who is feeling suicidal? Does someone you love want to end their life? What can you say? What can you do? How can you help them? How Can I Help Someone Who Is Suicidal? If someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts, there are some simple—but profound—things you can do to help. Click on the…


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    Suicide Is Everyone’s Business 

    Suicide is everyone’s business and we all need to care. In this video, Lacey McFarland, a suicide prevention coordinator with the Weber-Morgan County Health Department in Utah, shares some of the warning signs of suicide and offers thoughts on how we can help those who are struggling. Find more resources at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention by clicking HERE. Transcript…


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